Belle Mt. releases ‘Hollow’ | It oozes a soaring, cinematic power

Conceived during a period in which singer-songwriter Matt Belmont had withdrawn from public performances, Belle Mt. sees the artist join forces with Grammy Award winning producer Femke Weidema to create enigmatic alt-pop creations.

New single ‘Hollow’ flows with sweeping melodies and a rich musicality alongside Belmont’s smooth, emotion-strewn vocals. Combining twinkling alt-folk with catchy pop sensibilities, it oozes a soaring, cinematic power that’ll send shivers down your spine.

Reflecting on the tale of a woman who is unable to let love in because of past heartbreak, ‘Hollow’ is a lyrically rich, truly evocative creation. Of the track, Belmont explains: “There’s the impression of a fork in the road for this woman and ultimately she takes the tragic path, as she can’t accept the intimacy or love that this man is committed to giving. Hollow is as much about her loneliness as his eventual emptiness…”

So, let Belle Mt.’s impassioned splendour wash over you as we wait for more anthemic offerings from this promising artist.

‘Hollow’ is out now via LV Music.