Sister Wanzala share ‘Perfume’

The band joke self-deprecatingly that they have always dreamed of being ‘’shy, retiring but ultimately extremely rich and famous rock stars. However, with each passing release, that dream fades’’.

QuickFire Questions with BREGN

“The mind can be really limiting sometimes but the mind can also lead to incredible creations with a positive impact on our reality. “

QuickFire Questions with Mowesby

“The line “this is the long and lonely wave” is an acknowledgment of the sadness, confusion, and isolation complex trauma can bring and that healing is a lifelong journey.”

ettie shares pop-rock bop ‘Until I Met U’

“The self-described ‘’anxious, gay, caffeinated’’ artist explores her feelings in a new relationship, with refreshingly honest lyrics on a backdrop of pop-punk perfection.”

QuickFire Questions with Mina Richman

“I have been signed by a feminist label so I owe a lot of gratitude to feminism on that behalf already but also the way female* artists are supporting each other is delightful to witness.”

Introducing Bec Sandridge

“A whole lotta gritty-disco guitars, eighties drum fills and synths and i guess, a kinda weird voice… In a nutshell sad-bangers.” 

FM meets Carrie Baxter

“You’ was written for my friend’s wife, she was his fiancée at the time and he wanted to write her something (he doesn’t sing lol)”

SINGBABYSING’S top 5 influences

“The track is a snapshot into a moment of emotion, it’s about taking the decision to commit absolutely and supporting someone through tough times.”