Rapper G Peoples uncovers latest single ‘High’

“High is a celebration for life and a recognition of how far I’ve come but still how much further there is to go. It’s about feeling high off life and is a feelgood song full of appreciation for everyone that helps me along this journey.” 

Grace Sorensen shares new single PRETTY BOY

“I would often spare my own desire for justice to maintain peace, and that regret turned into the fuel for my project. Each song was written from a reminiscent point of view – analysing the reality of who I experienced and understanding that my anger/disappointment was valid.”

Emilia Tarrant tells us of ‘When It Was Chaotic’

” I wrote the song in a period of my life when I had continuous writer’s block. At the time I was so consumed by the chaos of my mental health, and on the other hand, how it continuously numbed my mind.”

Retro Video Club drop EP ’Situations’

“Situations is the story of a relationship cycle. From Boys Like Me, the initial chat up lines, Break Up Songs and Faking, the aftermath of a broken down romance, to Save Me, the final stages of grief and finding out just how much it really meant to you.”

Wallis Bird unveils new video for ‘Aquarius’

“The simple chorus is basically my own origin story, but the verse is about having the right to choose your own choices, pretty fundamental stuff: euthanasia, abortion and Ireland’s Repeal the 8th movement, healthcare etc.”

QuickFire Questions with il:lo

“Our new single Soldiner stands out from previous releases and marks the beginning of a new era, a musical production resolutely turned towards deep house which is more on electronic elements”

Introducing Keelan X

“I listen to a lot of music all day. Weirdly, I could be walking down the street, making a cup of tea or washing the dishes (I know, not very rock n’ roll!) and a melody will pop into my head.”

Get to know Joe Hicks

“‘Mirror Mirror’ is about when you’re feeling beaten down by the world, acknowledging your fears and giving yourself a damn good talking to in the mirror. Figuring it all out.”

HXTNZ QuickFire Questions

“The messages behind the music include going against the odds, aiming high, and living your best life regardless of the circumstances.”

AdamTx drops new single Kickback

“I wrote this song to remember what life was like when you could go to house parties, have a drink, listen to some good music and have a good time.” 

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