FM Meets: Lucy Burke

“I started songwriting when I was in primary school and the first song I wrote when I was 12 for my primary school teacher which is very cringing now but since then, I realized I could write songs and use music to convey feelings and thoughts, and from there, I’ve always loved music.”

Xavier Collins QuickFire Questions

“I draw inspiration for my music through relationships and traveling – in the state of flow and perspective that comes from being out of your comfort zone, on the move, and continually changing. This EP was inspired by the breakdown of a relationship with a close friend – we had fallen in love but couldn’t be together and ended up never speaking again.”

Thrillhouse redefine alternative pop with their project ‘Wedding Disco’

“’Wedding Disco’ is essentially a concept EP; songs that’d fit in nicely at an 80s wedding party… but really it was just an excuse for us to write big cheesy tunes. We produced and mixed it ourselves which, turns out, is a hellish experience that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, but we’re happy with how it’s come out.”

Shaefri Shares ‘Joanne’

“I was inspired to write Joanne after seeing Leonard Cohen live – the way he portrays Suzanne as a torturous siren inspired me to want to almost write a “little sister” for her, ‘Joanne’”

Ziggy Alberts heals with music

“I wrote I BELIEVE as a mantra to remain strong through hard times. I deeply needed a song to sing that would keep my eyes out to the horizon, beyond the storms we face. It’s a reminder to celebrate our differences and see that love really does bridge the gap between them”.

FM Meets: Birmingham pop-soul songstress Gaby K

“‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ came to my mind, and I thought well, we have good experiences and bad experiences in relationships and then I thought what about when we aren’t in relationships? Then the ‘Boring’ is to basically replace the ‘Ugly’ saying that ‘I am happy being single and I don’t need you’. 

FM Premiere: Zoka The Author’s ‘Net Like Kobe’

“It’s a song about the digital systems that ensnare us (the titular “Net”), and the importance of educating ourselves on these systems in order to overcome them, thus the chorus “I know about the net like Kobe.”

GANGGA Top 5 Influences Playlist

Indonesian singer-songwriter GANGGA shares his Top 5 Influences Playlist and continues his series of stunning introspective video clips with ‘Forever’, lifted from his splendid album ‘It’s Never Easy’, out now.

Iris Gold Top 5 Influences Playlist

London / Danish soul-pop artist Iris Gold drops her lush new track Lover of My Own and shares her Top 5 Influences playlist. “I’m a natural-born flirt – reveals Iris Gold – but I give it all to my audience now, tiger style. I razzle and dazzle then say bye-bye cause I got someone waiting back home, yeah I got a Lover of My Own.”

Mainline unleash The Unholy Idol

High energy runs throughout the ten tracks, the thrashy instrumental chords strike rhythmically, pumping the blood through our veins and allowing each band member to shine and showcase their musical ability