FM Video Premiere | Moviestar Ft Professor Elemental ‘The Present’

We are extremely pleased to announce our favourite intergalactic archeologists Moviestar are back! And this time, they’ve brought along a new pal for the ride! Today we premiere Moviestar’s incredible new video for ‘The Present’ featuring steam-punk rapper extraordinaire Professor Elemental!

What may sound like an unlikely combination proves to be more fruitful than a bath of bananas, as Moviestar bring shiny coloured sci-fi pop straight outta 5523 and take Professor Elemental along for the ride, as he marvels at this cartoon wonderland where anything can happen. Appropriately titled ‘The Present’, this one-off collaboration is an infectiously positive look at the world we live in through rainbow-tinted specs. The past is a present to the present from the future!

Talking about the video, Moviestar explain “it tells a flabbergasting story of how the past and the future comes together to save the present from deterioration. The combined force of Professor Elemental and Moviestar may possibly save the planet….for now”.