Sharifa embraces individuality and self-discovery through genre-bending music

"'You and I' is about moving on from someone and the journey of finding myself after that"
24 June 2024

You can’t help but sit up and take notice of Sharifa’s boldly eclectic sound, born and bred in the East Midlands. A wave of raw energy pulses through his sound, a seamless fusion of alternative rock’s crushing guitar work and pop-punk’s sharp-witted verbosity, forged in the crucible of his restless creativity. 

Following the success of his February release SOMEONE, Sharifa returns with his latest anthem for the misfits, YOU & I, a bold exploration of self-discovery and moving on from one-sided relationships.

YOU & I resonates with Sharifa’s fearless and unapologetic approach to music. With its brash, charging guitars and unmistakable retro patina, Sharifa’s new single is an instant nostalgic rush. But peel back the layers, and you’ll find a skilled storyteller spinning poetic confessions that ring achingly true – the real magic behind this thrilling anthem. In a stylish nod to Blur’s Song 2 (Take 2) video, the accompanying one-shot visual thrusts us into the heart of Sharifa’s world, where the song’s themes of self-love and growth take on a vibrant, tangible form. 

For Sharifa, YOU & I is a journey of self-discovery after a tumultuous period. Reflecting on the meaning behind the track, Sharifa shares, “‘You and I’ is about moving on from someone and the journey of finding myself after that. I wrote it because I didn’t know who I was. It took me two years of self-discovery to realize I was showing this girl someone I wasn’t.” 

Born and raised in Derby, Sharifa relocated to London at the age of 16 to chase his dream of becoming a musician. Studying at the prestigious BRIT School, Sharifa honed his skills and established a strong reputation within the creative industries. Currently participating in the BBC Open Music Scheme, Sharifa’s upcoming BBC Open Music x Glasshouse Proms performance in July highlights his versatility and meticulous attention to detail in creating immersive soundscapes. 

Sharifa’s creative process is like a magnifying glass, focusing on the biases that distort the music industry’s reflections. With a driving passion, she quests to elevates marginalized voices, leaving a trail of shattered barriers and resetting the dial on equality. As part of projects like The Ivors Academy’s ‘In the Room’, Sharifa zeros in on the obstacles faced by Black artists in alternative music spaces, carving out a space for underheard voices to finally be amplified. 

Securing performances at prestigious festivals like the 2023 Great Escape Festival and sold-out shows at KOKO Camden, Sharifa is redefining expectations with his genre-bending approach. Spinning tracks for big-name brands like Nike and McDonald’s, he’s proven his mettle at getting crowds from all walks of life moving to the beat. As Sharifa continues to evolve artistically, his commitment to authenticity and innovation shines through in every note. Imagine a soundscape where rebellion meets vulnerability, where the fringes of society find their defining voice. 

This is Sharifa’s domain, where melodies speak directly to the outliers, outcasts, and dreamers. What happens when passion, creativity, and a dash of rebellious spirit converge? You get Sharifa, the dynamo who flew from Derby to the world stage, spreading hope, harmony, and a fierce commitment to reform. 

With YOU & I as his latest offering, Sharifa invites audiences to join him on a transformative musical odyssey, where honesty and creativity intersect to create a truly unforgettable experience.