4 DIY Tasks You Should Attempt Before Calling A Professional

By Vanessa B

If you’re more DI-Why than DIY (forgive the awful punning), even the smallest task can seem like a mountain to overcome. With a thousand different types of handyman ready and waiting just a phone call away, it can be tempting to simply hand over anything that needs doing in your home to the professionals. However, that comes at a cost – and a significant one at that if you’ve got a few different projects around the house.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with calling in the pros, but there are times that professional help isn’t necessary. There are some jobs that even the biggest DIY novice can complete successfully. When you’re thinking about personal budgeting and managing your finances correctly, choosing when and where to attempt your own DIY could be a real difference-maker in saving you money.

With that in mind, here are four DIY jobs you should always have a go at before picking up the phone.

Switching up the furniture

If you’re after a DIY task that offers value both as a hobby and a sustainable practice, creating new furniture for your home by using old, recycled and sustainable materials is a highly rewarding way to refresh the moving parts of your outdoor and interior design. For those who are immediately daunted by the prospect of making themselves a new garden chair or bookshelf for the living room, we’re not expecting you to whittle out a masterpiece, and you’ll find the process behind a lot of DIY furniture making is remarkably simple.

This article from Crafted by the Hunts offers a great guide on why making your own furniture is a brilliant idea. In summary: it’s super cheap to do and you’ll be surprised by how good you can make it look and how long it will last.

Repainting just about anything

There is no mystery to painting things. Sure, there are certain processes to removing paint and priming surfaces that you need to be aware of, but you can find plenty of help on that online. Beyond knowing the nuances of painting your garden wall versus repainting an old piece of furniture, it’s really just picking up a brush and colouring in your chosen canvas.

Unless it’s a gargantuan or highly precise task you have in mind, repainting isn’t something you should need professional help with. It’s also highly rewarding and a super simple way to revamp the aesthetic within your home, making it a great DIY starting point.

Minor bathroom renovations

Stepping into the bathroom, your immediate thought might be “I’m no plumber”, but a lot of the more minor bathroom fixes are easier than they look and completing them will give you a lot of confidence to try out more in the future.

What sort of things are we talking about here? Changing a leaky faucet, resealing the bath, retiling, or refreshing the grouting on your current tiling – all these tasks are very doable and highly worthwhile in terms of keeping your bathroom in good condition in the long run.

Of course, it’s good to know your limits. If you break the toilet, it might be time to make an emergency call.

Converting your basement

It sounds like a big job but isn’t as bad as you think. A basement conversion done well is a real value booster to your property, and a lot of it boils down to cleaning and decorating – both of which are well within anyone’s wheelhouse. Depending on your vision for your new basement, there may be some technical elements that are outside of your knowledge base, but there’s no doubt you can carry out the bulk of the work just through a bit of graft.

Doing that means you can still spend a bit on a professional touch-up and consider it a profitable move, mainly because you won’t be paying for any of the basic but time-consuming legwork you carried out yourself.

In summary, DIY doesn’t have to be your thing for you to be able to make a difference around your home. If you’ve got the energy and desire to make fiscally sensible long-term moves, jobs like those above should be the sort you choose to do yourself rather than call in a pricey professional.


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