Ziggy D’Amato reflects on his 20s with new song ‘Damages’

"Wondering what it all adds up to, and feeling sad, confused and nostalgic"
24 March 2023

Ziggy D’Amato‘s back with another banger- Damages. It comes after the success Tina’ Nite Club, giving us a glimpse of his next EP, Maya Blue. Ziggy has a surprising talent for creating huge and dynamic indie soundscapes with dreamlike electronics and intricate vocal harmonies.

Ziggy explains: “’Damages’ is a melancholy evaluation of my twenties. Trying to make sense of myself and how I spend my time. Wondering what it all adds up to, and feeling sad, confused and nostalgic. Ultimately culminating in a celebration of being a tiny speck in the infinity of the human condition. At a loss, gratefully accepting all of the joy and all of the pain.”

Ziggy D’Amato’s new EP Maya Blue is an unusual mix of modern and classic vibes. It has pop melodies, jazzy 3-part harmonies, 60s girl group backups, 70s wah-wah guitar solos and 80s over-the-top choruses that set it apart from regular tunes.

Ziggy is a truly remarkable artist, playing all sorts of instruments, recording his own music, creating it and then mixing it all together. He’s an artist to keep an eye on this year.