ZENESOUL Delivers Brilliant Fusion Of Soul And R&B With BROWN SUGAR EP

By Vee D

Canadian R&B singer-songwriter Zenesoul has unveiled her brand new EP Brown Sugar, which comes on the back of Zenesoul celebrating the milestone of reaching over one million streams.

Led by her latest single That Love, Zenesoul’s Brown Sugar EP serves as the follow-up to her last project Coffee, which was very well received by the public and critics last summer.

This EP is in the continuity of the first one and as Zenesoul explains, “In a world filled with bitterness and heartbreak, ‘Brown Sugar’ is the sweet side of love. The ingredient that makes coffee more tolerable. Whether love is a fantasy or not, I’m on a journey to find out, and I am manifesting the type of love I want in my life, instead of drowning in my painful experiences”.

The project opens with a touching track called Hurt People, in which the songwriter is tackling wanting to let go of all the hurt and pain from past experiences, a topic that blends perfectly with her soulful voice.

One of the other standout tracks on this EP is Love And Be Loved’featuring Aaron Ridge, which has already counted over 700,000 streams and is another masterpiece of R&B mixed with soul from Zenesoul.

Overall, the Brown Sugar EP is a real source of pride for the singer who has stated she can’t wait to share it with the public and fans. It’s a project full of good vibes and reflections on life, which is wonderfully handled and produced by Zenesoul and we highly recommend that you check her work!