Yung Pre drops smooth new song ‘Underdog’

"Incorporating the Spanish horns was a salute to all my Hispanic compadres"
14 February 2023

Yung Pre is an up-and-coming artist from Lexington, Kentucky, who is quickly gaining recognition in the hip-hop community for his unique style and personal lyrics.

His trademark smooth offering and lyrical finesse are still evident on his newest track, Underdog. Yung Pre’s song is melodious and captivating. The track quickly catches the attention of listeners, and the inspiring hook of being able to triumph in spite of adversities is a significant plus.

Yung Pre commented on the new release, saying: “‘Underdog’ is about overcoming against all odds. I began this track after putting together my intro for my last album. The recording of that album took place in Los Angeles, and there were a lot of Spanish vibes in the air. Two months later I went back to create a full production of the beat. I wanted to come up with something fire to start off the year 2023 and knew it would hit. Incorporating the Spanish horns was a salute to all my Hispanic compadres.”

Yung Pre has worked tirelessly to develop a distinct sound and carve out an unmistakable identity for himself. His dedication is paying off, as he gathered 500,000 streams in 2022 – proof of his increasing fan base.

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