Yummy mummy Emma Willis post-birth-bod

Emma Willis is looking seriously hot just six weeks after giving birth; Fabulous magazine gets the first peek of her incredible post-birth-bod. “No one other than my husband would ever normally see this.”

But both Emma and her husband Matt still can’t quite get their heads around it: “Sometimes me and Matt look at each other and go: ‘How the f*** did that happen? We used to be cool!’” But it is clear she has no regrets!

Emma and Matt have been through some rough patches, particularly when Matt ended up in rehab; she explains, “It was tough, but I really believed in him and I wasn’t going to walk away from him just because he was having problems.”

Emma admitted she had doubts very close to the wedding: “I did start to think: ‘I can’t have this for the rest of my life’, Matt’s always had problems and they come in waves, but this wave lasted a long time!” Now on the straight and narrow, Matt is over the moon about the new addition to the family.

Emma may be glowing with confidence, but she has had her fair share of knockdowns in her modelling days.

She says, “There were a couple of times when I was younger and had a bit of puppy fat, I was told I needed to drop a few pounds.” Well we think she’s definitely a Yummy Mummy!

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