Your Guide to Finding the Ideal Dentist

Whether you’re moving to a new area or are simply not happy with your current dentist and want to try a new option, finding the right dentist for you isn’t something to do in a hurry.
28 September 2020


Whether you’re moving to a new area or are simply not happy with your current dentist and want to try a new option, finding the right dentist for you isn’t something to do in a hurry. Don’t make the mistake of settling for the first dentist that you come across; take some time to get to know your options and learn more about them so that you can determine the dentist that’s going to provide you with the best service and care based on your unique needs. 

With so many dentists available to you, it can be difficult to know how or where to start looking, so keep these tips in mind to help you find the right option for you and keep your smile looking and feeling great. 

Start with the Basics

First of all, consider your basic requirements for a new dentist. Chances are that you will want the practice to be located close by to where you live or work. Check all the options that are closest to you and consider how easy it will be to visit if you are driving or using public transport. Consider how easy it will be for you to get to the dentist if you are in an emergency situation and need immediate dental care. 

You should also consider the dental practises opening hours; if you work long hours and would rather not take time off for dental care, you may want to consider somewhere that offers an evening or weekend service alongside regular business hours. Finally, check all the important details to ensure that the dentist is licensed and has all the necessary legal credentials. 

Consider the Type of Dentist You Need

Once you have found some potential dentists near you, consider the type of services that you expect to need in the future. If your teeth are in healthy condition and you plan to continue looking after them well, anywhere offering general dentistry should be ideal for you. However, many patients have more specific needs. For example, you may require braces or other orthodontic treatments, in which case, it’s important to find a dentist that specialises in this and has good reviews from past patients.

If you are a nervous or anxious patient, it’s a good idea to find a dentist that is experienced in dealing with nervous patients and employs a range of strategies to help you feel safer and calmer in their care. For instance, if you were looking for a holistic dentist in Brisbane that offers a wide range of options to make patients feel comfortable, Pure Dentistry can help. They use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment in a calming, relaxed environment to help put you at ease while getting dental care. 

Ask for Recommendations

If you have friends or family also residing or working in the same area, chances are that somebody you know will be willing to suggest a good dentist that they use and are comfortable and satisfied with. Most people wouldn’t recommend a dentist that they wouldn’t feel safe around themselves, so asking in your social circle is a good place to start. If you are moving to a new area and not nearby any friend or relatives, you might want to consider asking for recommendations in local social media groups. Ask for specifics about what they like about that particular dentist and bear in mind that what might be satisfactory for somebody else might not always be ideal for you based on your unique needs. 

Read Online Reviews

Most people are going to say something about it if they have an exceptionally good or bad experience with a dentist. And most dentists today are listed in Google My Business, giving past and current patients the option to leave a review detailing the service that they received and what they liked or disliked about it. Once you have narrowed down your list of potential dentists based on personal recommendations, suitability for your needs and ease of access, it’s worth Googling each individual one to see what comes up about them. Don’t just read the customer reviews, but look for anything else that’s noteworthy about the dentist in question such as news articles or customer engagement or their social media pages that might tell you something important about what to expect. 

Consider Fees and Charges

The truth is that no matter how great a particular dentist seems to be, all of that won’t matter if you’re not going to be able to afford their fees and charges. Most dentists offer a comprehensive list of prices on their website and you can usually get in touch with them to find out how much they charge and what the payment options are. Many dentists are more than willing to allow you to pay in instalments for more expensive work like braces. If you use dental insurance, it’s also worth enquiring about their policies and ensuring that your insurance covers the services offered by the dentist that you are considering. 

Visit In-Person

Once you have narrowed your list down to just a few potential new dentist options, the best way to ensure that you are opting for the best one for you is to pay them a visit in-person. Visiting the practice allows you to get a feel for the environment, meet the staff, have a look around the facilities and decide whether or not it’s the right place for you based on what you see. It’s a good idea to prepare some questions ahead of visiting so that you can sit down with the dentists to discuss your unique dental needs, concerns, and goals for the future and find out what they can do to help you enjoy the best oral health. Consider important factors such as the atmosphere and cleanliness of the practice and ask questions about concerns that are specific to you such as the measures that they have in place to support anxious patients. 

Whether you’re unhappy with your current dental care provider or are moving out of your area and need a new dentist, don’t just go for the first one you find – keep these tips in mind to find your ideal practice.