Young Rob’s ‘Afro Lover’ is about finding the superwoman

"After a breakup, I almost gave up on love. In search of my soulmate, who is referred to as my superwoman"
1 September 2023

Young Rob, who hails from London, is a multi-genre recording artist from Ghana. As a dynamic and versatile artist, he showcases his dedication, passion, through his catchy songs and melodies, made of a stylish blend of hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat.

His latest release, is the captivating debut album Afro Lover. The 13-track album takes listeners on am exciting musical journey that explores the complexities of love and personal growth.

Young Rob’s ‘Afro Lover’ is an album that is packed with raw emotion and smooth, seductive vocals.

The musical odyssey starts with the engaging and pre-released track, I Need Your Love, starring the talented saxophonist Joko Magic.

This stunning song sets the tone for the album, offering a glimpse into Young Rob‘s vulnerable side. The tempo picks up quickly with Mami, a sizzling track that is perfect for the dancefloor, where Young Rob confesses his love for Latino and Hispanic women.

Brown Skin Girls is the collaboration with producer Heaven Boy, works as a glossy, candy-coated celebration of beauty.

The party continues with Bo Noor, a standout track featuring artists Samuel G and Mike MillzOnEm. Zibit‘s unbridled pace and flawless production make this track one of the best in the album

Young Rob‘s versatility and authentic African sound are highlighted by the raging tempo of Fire.

But the album takes a powerful turn with Mevado, a collaboration with rising artist Amuga Temper and the Ewe. This track captures Young Rob‘s triumphant journey through the music industry, with lyrics that resonate with the highs and lows of his career. It’s a theme that continues in Otanfo, where Young Rob enlists the legendary Ghanaian rap artist Paa Dogo to address his detractors.

Young Rob then takes a heartfelt detour with Mama Africa, a track that feels like a conversation between the diasporan artist and his beloved homeland. The song touches on the continent’s history, his displacement, and his memories of childhood, showcasing his deep connection to his roots.

The emotional intensity continues with Oh Baby, a track that delves into themes of regret and heartbreak. Producer Yann Gabriel adds depth to Young Rob‘s emotions, creating a comforting and soulful experience for listeners.

As the album unfolds, Moko B3 sees Young Rob rediscovering love with a poignant narrative that lingers in the mind long after the music stops. However, things take a somber turn with My Baby, arguably the album’s most delicate and sincere song, where Young Rob lays bare his pain and explores the depths of losing true love.

But hope is never far away, and Higher delivers just that. This sunny track, produced by Pimps Beat, brings Belgian-based Ghanaian superstars Bakilla and Young Rob together as they seek their own “superwoman.” With an endearing hook that’s impossible to ignore, Higher infuses renewed optimism into the album.

To bring it all together, Young Rob taps Vance for the final track, Nothing Like Me, creating an eventful and emotionally diverse ending to Afro Lover. The Nigerian American artist complements Young Rob‘s style seamlessly, leaving listeners with a satisfying conclusion to the musical journey.

Young Rob shared his personal connection with the album’s closing track, saying: “This song is based on true events. After a breakup, I almost gave up on love. In search of my soulmate, who is referred to as my superwoman.”

If you’re someone who enjoys music that really gets under your skin and makes you groove, Afro Lover by Young Rob is a must-listen for your body, heart, and soul.