By Keith Bailie
A MOVE to toughen up the driving test could help save young drivers money according to Insurance Brokers Swinton. Chris Collings, Insurer Development Director at Swinton said: “The long-term effects of the DVLA’s announcement will be felt positively in years to come, as making provisions to ensure that our nation’s new drivers are safer on the roads will be reflected in the cost of premiums all round.

“A more rigourous driving test will see the need for young drivers to gain more knowledge and experience before they venture out alone, and this will hopefully result in fewer accidents. Young drivers are seen as one of the highest risk groups on the roads, and measures such as these will have a positive impact on the general standard of British driving”.

Young drivers can also save money by taking the Pass Plus course.

The Pass Plus course is specifically designed to give newly qualified drivers experience, more confidence and to improve planning and anticipation skills.

The course consists of six specially designed driver training modules including driving in all weathers, in and out of towns, motorway driving and driving at night.

Chris Collings added: “We recognise how difficult it can be to get a foot on the ladder when it comes to insurance, and are very proud to be able to offer such an excellent discount to our young drivers through the Pass Plus scheme, and the DVLA’s initiative will strengthen our ability to offer better deals to young drivers”.