YellowL Drops Socially Conscious SEE ME FINISH

By JJ Disco

Brimming with bright drum beats, the track’s twinkling afro-Esque melody is richly textured, with sprightly synth patterns and an infectious groove, making the perfect backdrop for Jyellow’s fiery delivery that is nothing short of striking. 

JyellowL explains: “I was in Nigeria for two months. So I decided to tap into the music scene there, and I got a crazy wave of inspiration from the incredible producers and artists I met. Tee-Y being one of them, we locked in and created some beautiful music. In Nigeria, we have an expression called “see finish” which means over-familiarity by making yourself too accessible to someone, being too kind, etc essentially being taken for granted and that’s a red flag. So saying “she don see me finish” means the girl in question had over-familiarised herself with me to the point of taking me for granted, my kindness being taken for weakness, my presence losing novelty. I can’t have that, so I cut her off before she did it to me.”

Fresh and versatile, JyellowL is hellbent on Irish rap becoming the next big thing. He is relentless in his pursuit of finding a place for himself in the music scene and with his musical goals on the right path, he is working on growing as a person, and portraying himself in a positive light that shines with pride in his identity, and self-love.