YASSIN Shares New Track TAKE MY TIME (Unplugged)

By Vasco Dega

Reminiscent of a classic love song from the earlier eras, Yassin exudes pure passion with his delicate new track Take My Time.

Channelling his inner Frank Sinatra, the unplugged cover of his previous release slows it all the way down, allowing the beautifully smooth vocals to take centre stage. The tender piano melody caresses his desiring lyrics, with subtle touches of trumpet and acoustic guitar unifying the track together.

His decision to do an alternative version of Take My Time came easy for the Canadian songwriter, as he explains “The original Take My Time has been doing so well, and we’ve been getting such a great response from fans, that we thought we’d treat them to an acoustic or “Unplugged” version. This was supposed to just be for myself to put on the B side of some vinyls I’m giving to family and friends, but it turned out so pretty, both Sean and I knew we had to release it. I wrote this song about all my favourite moments shared with someone near and dear to me. To me, the original version captures the exhilarating nature of living out those moments, and this version about holding on to each precious second of them. Or to simplify the original is meant for people to dance fast, and this one is meant for slow dancing with your person.”

Whilst Yassin doesn’t sing on his own tracks, his intrigue of working with a multitude of genres allows him to seek out performers who perfectly align with his vision, and his experimental flair is yet to fall short. After the success of the first rendition, Take My Time take two is bound to be just as beloved for the Toronto native.