Yasin Hazim’s album ‘Through The Sun’ leaves us dreamy and breezy

"It's that rush that moment you know you have to leave, there's no going back."
13 April 2023

Brooklyn’s own Yasin Hazim just dropped his latest album Through the Sun. It’s a 10-track mix of some seriously soulful house tunes.

This album offers a relaxed and chilled vibe, to say goodbye and get together, to explore the idea of feeling that you’re part of something.

From the slow-tempo jazzy melody of Encer’s Answer to the irresistible rhythms of the main track of the album There’s Only Staying, it’s all about getting back to his roots:

“It’s that rush – explains Hazim – that moment you know you have to leave, there’s no going back. Life is a never ending push forward and there’s no other way than accepting that.” 

The finale is a multi-level track called Everything in Every Moment, leaving us dreamy & breezy wanting more. The saxophone truly makes the album stand out. Its crispy sound confers a unique touch to the album.

Yasin Hazim grew up near Paris and was exposed to a variety of music, from his classical education at the conservatory to the Moroccan and Algerian influence of his family.

Reflecting on his family’s background and his personal experience of travelling to various countries in Africa, Europe and the United States, he draws inspiration for his work.

He’s been inspired by a variety of music, from Leonard Cohen, Keith Jarrett to Gnawa and Reinette l’Oranaise.

Yasin Hazim‘s music is a change from the usual tunes and brings you to a melodic roller coaster. The majestic piano and warm rhythms take you on an emotional journey of personal reflection.

Hazim is gearing up for shows in Miami, Tulum and New York.