Yàno Gives Us A Glimpse Of His MEMORIES

Boogie T.Rio formed back in 2018 as the next phase in the evolution Boogie T’s musical trajectory. Now fellow member, notable New Orleans musician-about-town Andriu Yanovski has released his own debut track Memories.

With co-production / instrumentation from BOOGIE T.RIO bandmates Frank “Animal Drums” Castro and Boogie T, this fresh offering from Yàno is incredibly smooth. Shedding some more insight on the track, Yano says: “The feeling of a perpetual state of motion, caught between wistful feelings of home mixed with the excitement of new places and experiences is what drove the rolling rhythmic undertone and melancholy emotional content of the song.”

Coming out on Boogie T’s label, DRAMA CLUB RECORDINGS, an additional dub version of Memories will be available via SoundCloud exclusively and as a free download. The original sees a release across all major digital platforms.

Take a listen for yourself below!

By Holly Frith