Xoe-B’s ‘Valentine (You Can’t Have Me)’ hopes to empower single people

"Recently I’ve been so fed up with society telling me what my 20s SHOULD look like"
6 September 2022

By Frank Bell

Tinder and other dating apps are a pain? Fed up of what people think is the “proper” love life? Brighton-based singer/songwriter Xoe-B has the right tune for you: Valentine (You Can’t Have Me). Robin S (‘Show Me Love’) and (‘Don’t Call Me Baby’) Maddison Avenue’s 90s club vibes are cycled again by Xoe-B with her new EMPOWERING THE SINGLE LIFE anthem.

The singer’s voice cuts through the sound while blending seamlessly with the track, delivering a classic 90s club vibe with keys, bass, and drums. It will have an extended intro mix as well to keep in line with 90s fashion.

Through lyrics full of unapologetic confidence, Xoe-B continues to stick to her unconventional ways. Her lyrics are empowering, showing that she stands up against the status quo. of society. They are not all about her, but it is clear that the track is deeply personal.

Xoe-B explains: “Recently I’ve been so fed up with society telling me what my 20s SHOULD look like; to hurry up and find love because the family wants and wedding and grandkids etc but it’s rare that people ask me what I WANT and that’s been driving me crazy so I put all my frustrations into this track. I’ve had such a buzz while creating with track with producer Victor Grey, he pushed me to get the best out of my vocals and has reflected that by pushing himself to make the best track possible. While I have been really inspired by 90s club anthems recently, Victor has been desperate to make a 90s-inspired track so it’s all fallen into place rather nicely! I hope this track helps single people feel empowered, embrace self-worth and know what they’re looking for in a partner as this was the healing process I went through writing Valentine.”

Image by IM Photography