XANDY Drops (in)xanity

By Frank Bell

XANDY has released his debut single (in)xanity, its sensual, sexy and down-right groovy. 

From the first bar the song is completely alluring and flows so effortlessly. The back-drop of groove-laden guitars, swinging bass and soaring synths allows XANDY’s dynamic vocals to shine throughout the song and deliver the fresh groove of rhythm and blues. 

XANDY has already gained the status of fame many aspire to in the music industry through his time performing as one half of the duo Newtimers, gaining millions of streams and international notoriety. However, since leaving the group in 2018 he has focused all of his attention on nurturing his talent and perfecting his craft as a multi-instrumentalist and performance. 

Speaking to the creation of his solo project and the meaning behind (in)xanity he explains, “I left my ego at the door in a pursuit to cleanse myself. Find myself. Be myself. By myself. Along came XANDY. Insane as I am. In so many ways. Hard lover. Hard dreamer…The song is like me in a bed with all my relationships at once plus a muse sitting on my face. (Almost) obsessive.”

A seriously understated artist, 2021 is set to be a huge year for the Swedish performer.