IRISH music mogul Louis Walsh greeted the screaming crowd at a packed Croke Park in Dublin at the 2010 X-Factor auditions.

Thousands of wannabe stars queued for hours from all over the country with friends, family, fans and supporters to be in with a chance sing live to the UK and Ireland in the show later this year.
Louis joked with the crowd that fellow judge Simon Cowell “didn’t want” to attend the X-Factor auditions in Ireland. But added: “Good luck when you go in, don’t be nervous. I am sure we have a winner here in Ireland this year. Do us proud.”
Alanna McKee, 19, from Lambeg revealed she had been suffering from nerves all night long before arriving at the auditions. “Last night I was pure shaking with fear but I have calmed down a little after all this waiting” she added.

Alanna McKee

Wendy MacBean, 46, from Donegal revealed she would be singing her own version of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. She said: “It’s great craic here today and I’m having the best of time.“I’m here to prove that the old girls can do it too.”

Wacky Wendy MacBean

Laura Murray, 26, from Bangor said it was nothing like what she expected the auditions to be. “I’m having a ball here, the experience is fantastic and it’s great to see all the secrets behind the show, it’s certainly not like what you see on TV” she said.

Laura Murray and her friend Emma Maurice

And Grainne Mason, 19, from Ballyfermot revealed she may have made a mistake going out on Friday night before the audition. Before she sang Christina Aguilera’s I Turn To You she said: “I was out last night and I’m not feeling the best but I’m gonna put everything I can into my audition and I hope I get through.”

Grainne Mason