Kicking the Beatles night off in fine style was Matt Cardle, who was joined on stage by scantily-clad back dancers for a good old fashioned rock ‘n roll performance.

Singing the raunchy number Come Together, Essex’s finest growled the words into his mic in a sexy, gravel-like kind of way… Phoooaarr!
Mentor Dannii said: ‘I think the girls would be happy if you were dragged from anywhere to their bedroom,’ adding: ‘That performance was absolutely gripping. You were fantastic Matt.’

“That performance was dripping!” Dannii gushed, “Matt you are a star!

Louis loved the song choice but felt Matt was missing something.

Simon helpfully solved the problem, “He’s missing a shirt! The styling went too much to the left tonight.”

Mary is having the time of her life and last week her daughter coming to see her perform has put her on cloud nine.

This week Louis chose a song for Beatles week that was also covered by Shirley Bassey – it was the perfect song for Mary.
There was Something about the way Mary performed last night that made you think: Wow, the diva from Dublin’s gonna win the show!

A towering performance that announced her revival in the competition, and one that must’ve struck fear in her opponents.

“That was up there with your best, best performances,” squealed Dannii.

Cheryl praised Mary for the delivery, whilst Simon begrudgingly acknowledged that Louis picked a great song choice.

“Mary’s got her mojo back!” Louis cried.

We were then treated to a version of Yesterday by resident Liverpudlian, Rebecca Ferguson. The mother-of-two usually takes each week in her stride, but last night she appeared slightly timid.
After Louis had praised her for being a “class act”, both Simon and Dannii noted Rebecca seemed “a little nervous tonight.”

Sporting a new elfin haircut and singing Help, Katie put her own spin on the original’s unashamedly upbeat tempo.

In a delicately understated performance, the Queen of the Sing-offs demonstrated why she is still a force to be reckoned with in this competition.

“Vocally that was incredible!” Louis beamed.

Dannii was still a little confused about who the real Katie is, but Simon was left in no doubt.

He praised Katie for stripping the song back to its bare essentials and again pointed out what a nice person she is to work with.

But will it be enough to save her from the public vote?

The One Direction boys then took a Beatles classic from the hippy era, and put a fresh and funky twist on it for the year 2010.

Singing All You Need Is Love, a routine that combined harmonies and ad-libs, Simon’s boys made short work of their most complex performance so far.
Louis was impressed, “It’s the Fab Five singing the Fab Four!” he yelled.

Dannii picked on Niall and Zayn for not being sure of their harmonies, before Cheryl applauded the boys for “another great performance.”

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