By Andrea Clarke
NEW X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has blasted Louis Walsh for saying her sister Kylie can’t sing.
Tensions have been running high throughout the audition process and Louis’ latest comments were the final straw.
“I’m gonna grab Louis by the neck, drag him off to her next gig and ask how many people he knows who can sing every note in tune for two hours”, said the Australian singer.
Dannii, 35, has already been causing waves among her fellow X Factor judges.
A source told The Mirror: “Sharon is used to being Queen Bee but Dannii is not afraid to speak her mind. That has grated on Sharon’s nerves”.
The insider added: “Dannii and Louis barely spoke since he slagged off Kylie.
“She’s very prickly about her sister. That made things awkward.
“They also crossed swords with her over her harsh comments to the contestants.
“She has left some of them in tears”.

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