X FACTOR judge Cheryl Cole sent highly-strung Cher Lloyd into the finals – despite a series of emotional outbursts.
But mental health experts warned the vulnerable 17-year-old could suffer serious problems due to sudden showbiz fame.
And the fans have mix feelings about Cher too, here some of the many comments by X Factor fans on Cher Lloyd:

‘Cher has an amazing voice and should win this years xfactor!’

‘Chers my favourite, she’s gorgeous with an amazing unique voice ‘

‘OMG is a understatement…….Cher and Katie were the worst out of the girls…….I thought this was a talent show??? Gamu was amazing. These girls have been picked for being the most pathetic, not most talented.’

‘OMG!!!! im so angry that cher got went through she is rubbish she doesnt diserve a place! Gamu deserved a place she was by far the best! cheryl cole has made such a big mistake!’

‘How did that girl get thru? She was terrible did not deserve a place, Gamu did!’

Margaret from Belfast said: ‘Cant believe it! She did not even performed last night! Its not fare to the other girls!’