ONE of the world’s most prestigious customisation companies has launched a range of Super Sexy, Ultra Stylish and Beautiful limited edition mobile phones.
The new collection from Amosu Luxury mobile phone are diamond encrusted, solid gold and handmade, the pieces are pure prestige in your pocket and are this season’s most desirable items.Founded be Alexander Amosu, the company creates bespoke items with gold, white gold and various colours of diamonds. Alexander said: “To have an exclusive phone that costs more than anyone else’s is like owning a Bentley as opposed to a Ford.

“The phone you own speaks volumes about your lifestyle and ambition, that’s why celebrities, footballers, actors and millionaires come to me for their phones”.

Each Amosu phone piece is custom made and handcrafted to perfection using

exceptional materials and skilled craftsmanship which takes four weeks to make. The range includes a diamond Nokia N95, gold and diamond Motorola K1, diamond Bluetooth earpieces and 24ct gold iPods.

But Amosu’s crowning glory is the diamond encrusted iPhone – priced at a whopping £20,000.

With every mobile phone purchased, Amosu Luxury mobile phone includes one year’s free VIP International Concierge Service.

Focused on ‘accessing the inaccessible’, offering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

service to save Amosu Luxury mobile phone members time, hassle and money. From front row seats at fashion shows and spur of-the moment Chartered yachts, the VIP Concierge will make it happen.

The full Amosu luxury phone range is available from with selected items available in Selfridges, Harvey Nicholls and Flawless & Co.