‘World War Three’ by Jeremy Rice strikes a perfect balance between nostalgia and modernity

"An invitation to celebrate in spite of everything, and to spit Armageddon right in the face!"
6 February 2024

Jeremy Rice is a musical maverick, infusing classic rock elements with timeless melodies to craft a sound that is uniquely his own. His journey of musical exploration continues to evolve, and he now adds a new chapter with the release of his latest single, World War Three.

On the single, Rice shares: “In a time when tomorrow is evermore uncertain, this swingy, rockabilly number is an open-call for good times to all; an invitation to celebrate in spite of everything, and to spit Armageddon right in the face!”

Jeremy Rice’s musical identity is marked by a blend of rock’s rich legacy and a knack for crafting pop anthems. His previous works, including Jeremy Rice and the Legendary Fist of Takinawa and The End of the Highway – Part 1, have solidified his reputation as a masterful songwriter capable of conveying profound emotional landscapes through his music. The release of World War Three offers fans a first look at what to expect from the eagerly awaited sequel, The End of the Highway – Part 2.

Critics have hailed Rice as a melody-driven poet with an exceptional ability to weave sensational pop hooks into his compositions, attributing to him a sobering emotionality seldom found in mainstream pop. Such accolades position him as a standout talent in the indie genre, praised for creating some of the most captivating sounds in the current musical landscape.

Recorded at Shag Studio in Quebec City with the accompaniment of The Legendary Fist of Takinawa Band, the track stands as a defiant celebration amidst times of uncertainty. World War Three whisks the audience back to the Atomic age, where it skillfully blends the essence of swing and rockabilly influences. 

Jeremy Rice’s latest tune strikes a perfect balance between nostalgia and modernity. Penned over two decades ago in response to 9/11, it now gains new relevance, embodying our ongoing history. This song captures the evolving world around us, offering solace and connection. World War Three invites listeners to delve into Rice’s artistry and expansive musical vision, resonating with both fans and critics.