Workcations: A Solution To Work-Life Balance?

By Vanessa B

Finding the balance between work and life has become increasingly difficult – with most people staying connected to work through their phones, having emails and Teams messages constantly popping up. Regardless of OOO (out of office), most of us are guilty of checking in and doing a little work while we’re away.

A workcation (or workation) could be the solution to breaking down this wall between work and personal life. It is a chance to wind down and enjoy different scenery, while also feeling the satisfaction of having had a productive work-day. But should workcations be favored over actual holiday time?

Workcation or Holiday?

Holidays remain a must! Taking time away from work has multiple health benefits (physical and mental), increases work productivity in the long run and keeps familial relationships strong. But picture this: you have been wanting to go on an extended trip but work has suddenly gotten extremely busy or that yearly family trip is fast approaching yet, you can only take one week off – this is when a workcation would prove to be beneficial.

You can work while enjoying time in a different environment, with different perks and spend time with your family. Or in the case of an extended trip, workcations enable you to enjoy this without using precious annual leave days; all this without the stress of mentally preparing for 300 emails, 500 messages and getting missed work back on track.

Additionally, according to experts a change in work environment can boost productivity, decrease stress levels and incentivize creativity – especially if the environment chosen is close to nature. So perhaps this is something all employees and employers alike should consider.

Plan carefully

Preparation is key to ensure that your plans are approved by your boss and that you can remain productive whilst enjoying your time away from your current work environment.

Having a schedule that will help you keep track of tasks and deadlines will encourage productivity and while looking for the ideal accommodation set up, ensure the chosen work space has the facilities to accommodate for your working style.

Leave clear instructions as to how and when you can be reached. Will you be available over chat? Will you be regularly checking your emails? What if you’re unavailable, who should be contacted? Make sure your boss and your team know what to expect while you’re away.

Remember that you will very likely need regular, stable internet connection and minimum distractions – so choose a relaxing destination with Wi-Fi all around, but avoid places with too many distractions or too many activities you might want to be involved in.

Although it may seem a little like a paradox, if well planned, workcations can be a fulfilling and exciting change to the work schedule, enabling you to enjoy the beauty of a holiday destination whilst staying productive.


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