woodesMelbourne, exciting artist/producer Woodes – 23 year old Elle Graham – releases new self-titled EP (out now), a collection of lushly celestial electro gems, written and co-produced by Elle Graham + collabs with LANKS, Golden Vessel and Simon Lam from Kllo.

Speaking of the EP’s standout track ‘Rise’, Woodes says…”I wrote it on my first writing trip to NYC. The song grew into something within a day, we bounced well off one another. We met in the middle through an admiration of sci-fi and fantasy. After the session I got off at Central park, with the track on loop. It was night time by then. The power I felt within the song + from being in that city felt enormous. I couldn’t wait to play it live. I remember walking down the streets smiling to myself that music had lead me there…”woodes3She continues…”Since that initial session it’s grown through collaboration. Simon Lam and I worked together to re-build the track’s production once back in Melbourne in his studio. I then reached out to a number of my favourite musicians and people to sing on the pre-chorus and chorus with me. This includes my friends LANKS, Alex Lahey, Nirrimi, Lupa J, Edward Vanzet, Abraham Tilbury, Jaysways and Golden Vessel among others.

It was the first time I received guest vocals on my own song and it felt really special to have them all singing along with me. Rise is a story with a beginning, middle and an end. To me I see it all quite visually about a woman that emerges from the water.”