Studies have shown that a whopping 80% of women are still not wearing a bra that fits them properly. Throughout her life, a women’s body changes six times on average due to factors such as dieting, pregnancy or for no apparent reason!
These body changes affect her bra size as well as her overall clothing size so it’s worth checking your vital statistics every couple of years.

Having a well fitted bra is essential as it improves the way you look, your posture and gives you confidence.

People are usually shocked by how wrong they had it before, for example someone who has been wearing a 36B for all her adult life could actually be a 32E!

The difference is that she will find that the bras won’t ride up at the back anymore or dig into her shoulders, not to mention creating a much better look.
The first step is to measure the band size which is underneath the bust, around the ribcage, this produces your band size such as 34. Secondly, right around the fullest part, over the nipples.

It is the difference between the band and this measurement that dictates the cup size such as C or DD.

Don’t be tempted to follow the “old school” route of adding 4 or 5 inches to your back size. Thirdly, measure underneath your arms, above the breasts and around the ribcage.

The final step is to input these measurements into the BeCheeky bra size calculator at www.becheeky.com.

Top tips are to ensure that the tape measure is flat and straight across the back and, although the third step is optional, it is highly recommended for accurate results.

No access to a tape measure? Consider the following points to see if you are guilty of any classic errors.

The back band of a bra should fit snugly against your back, you should be able to get two fingers underneath the band but no more than this, it’ll feel tight to start with but you’ll get used to it.

Another thing to try is lifting your arms up and if you’re wearing the right size then the band will not ride up and the underwiring will remain against the body. If you look at the straps of the bra, they should lie parallel to each other or otherwise in a slight V shape.

When it comes to the cup size, there are a number of tell tale signs that it’s a poorly fitted bra. You can tell if the bra size is too big if the cups are baggy and not filled out.

In order to tell correctly, try tightening the strap to see if this eliminates the baggy issue where the strap meets the top of the cup, if not, then it could be that the style is wrong for you.

If you want to check whether the bra is too small, check that the centre of the bra, between the cups, is laying flat against your body, equally, the same applies with the underwiring at the side of each breast; it should not dig into the flesh but lie flat.

Perhaps the best way of checking is to put on a tight t shirt and look for any signs of bulge; the cardinal sin with cup sizes! This can happen often with push up bras.

Again, it’s vital to reiterate that different bra styles suit different people. Also, as many women have breasts that aren’t the same size, it’s important to adjust each strap accordingly to tailor it to your body.

After all of our tips, there’s no excuse to be wearing a poorly fitting bra. Measure yourself today and help reduce the percentage!