The city’s finally cooling down. It could, of course, be a fake out, but I think it’s safe to say that this just might be it for this year. I can’t remember when was the last time that we had a summer as hot as this. And my Lord was this one hell of a summer, in more ways than I can count! To make it last just a smidgeon longer, here’s the latest single from Zürich’s finest: Wolfman!

The song is aptly called Heat. It sort of reminds me of a smoother, silkier, but brand new take on that Nile Roger’s type of 80s R&B. It’s steady, sticky and extremely funky: a swinging guitar, a warm popping bass; driving drums and a shimmering synth, delivered in soothing splashes. The vocals are in you ear type airy – a playful back and forth between front woman Katerina Stoykova and producer Angelo Repetto, both talking “sweet nothings.”

It’s the perfect summer jam about love and the curious ambiguities of hooking up. The video for the song was directed by Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler, and it’s a remix of a karaoke backing video, laced with some tight visual stylings (great architectural shots) and a nice pinch of irony.

Wolfman’s Mad Woman LP will arrive on October 5th thanks to Irascible Records. Stay tuned!

Photos by Simon Habegger