Sophie Lowe125 year old English-born, Australian actress, singer-songwriter Sophie Lowe, shares her vulnerability with ‘Breathe’, one more alluringly silky electronic pearl taken from her ‘EP 2’, produced by herself and Sydney based producer Neal Sutherland.

Sophie says: “I wrote ‘Breathe’ at a time in my life when I struggling to feel comfortable within myself and my surroundings. I wanted to talk about anxiety with this song because I feel it’s not talked about enough.”SOPHIE LOWESophie is an excitingly talented artist, known for her excellent work in shows like ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’, ‘The Returned’ ‘The Slap and The Beautiful Lie’.

She’s soon to be starring in the film ‘Waiting for the Miracle to Come’ co-starring Willie Nelson and Academy Award nominee Charlotte Rampling.

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