With a UK tour, Kwaai jazz Maestro Don Laka celebrates his incredible musical journey

Don Laka is a total trailblazer in music history
15 August 2023

South African jazz legend Don Laka is bringing his UK Tour to town, following the success of his epic Don Laka and Friends 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert.

The Kwaai Jazz Maestro joined forces with some seriously legendary artists like Sipho (Hotstix) Mabuse, Jimmy Dludlu, Kunle Oditao from Nigeria, Ayo Solanke, and Gcobane Masuku from eWatini. They all came together for an epic weekend of shows at the iconic Opera Theatre in South Africa’s State Theatre.

These banging tunes prove his worth and seminal work in music, giving a taste of his vast and influential music. Stages, I Wanna Be Myself, Playing My Piano with its jazzy vibes and Big Day are absolute gems. And let’s not forget about Let’s Move The Night, which brings some serious disco funk to the mix.

Don Laka is a total trailblazer in music history. He played a significant part in the creation of not just one, but two awesome South African musical styles. One is called Kwaito, which has a spin-off called Afro-Pop. Another genre to check out is Kwaai Jazz, which has an offshoot called Mapianos.

Starting back in 1972, he has released an impressive collection of over 800 songs and collaborated with more than 80 other artists. His talent has been recognized with numerous awards, and he even earned a Grammy nomination for his outstanding work alongside Hugh Maskela.

Back in the day, Don Laka started off as a teacher and played a vital role in shaping the minds of the future. On top of that, he went on to establish Kalawa Jazzmee Records – the first ever successful black record label in South Africa.

In 2017, he was given the ultimate recognition at the South African Music Awards – The Lifetime Achievement Award. This was in honor of his six successful albums across multiple platforms and more.

This talented producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist is gearing up for an unforgettable UK tour, a fabulous celebration of his incredible musical journey.

Here’s the ticket link for all UK dates: