WILLIAM BISHOP Releases Beautiful Acoustic Piece THE NIGHT IN YOUR EYES

By Frank Bell

A stand out single from the London artist, William Bishop boasts the beauty of simplicity in his latest release The Night In Your Eyes

The stripped back melody uses soft acoustic riffs and stunningly tender vocals to form the mood of the song, the poignant lyrics weaving in between each note. Flaunting his instrumental expertise, Bishop bears a sincerity often lost in the music scene, making him an exciting one to watch this year. Explaining the inspiration behind the track, he quotes “The song is about a relationship; a way of describing what happens between two people”, and as transparent as he puts it, the honesty of his words shines through in the song. 

With music being an integral aspect of his life from a young age, the multi-instrumentalist is classically trained in both cello and bass, whilst also learning piano and guitar on the side. Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits, his folk flair married with these influences proves to be the perfect recipe for the singer-songwriter. 

A true talent, William Bishop is destined for great things, and The Night in Your Eyes is bound to help him get there.