WILL BARRADALE’s IN YOUR MIND: Ablaze With Hedonistic House Beats And Ethereal Melodies

Will Barradale is a writer, musician and producer from West London. There isn’t much else we know about the artist just yet, but his latest single In Your Mind is a beautiful introduction to his creative project. 

Produced by Sean Oakley (Frank Ocean, Georgia, Kanye West) Will and Mack Jamieson, the track was recorded by sharing files between London and L.A in April 2020 and is ablaze with hedonistic house beats and ethereal melodies

In Your Mind is a window into one-way infatuation, the feeling of trying to understand the way the person you’re into feels and thinks about you (in a mad state of passion and uncertainty)”, Will offers. 

In Your Mind is out now and is the perfect introduction to his limitless future.