By Vasco Dega

The brainchild of Newcastle’s Jonathon Sabiston (guitar, drums, bass, keys, vocals) delivers Wild Spelks‘ convincing new tune called Dreamer. A song that manages to showcase, without doubt, his knack for catchy Weezer-sque sounds.

Hi Wild Spelks! How are you today?

Hi Fame Magazine! I’m good thank you. Riding the wave of new-release excitement, all the way to Fame town.

What’s your new single ’Dreamer’ all about?

I’m a vivid dreamer and I semi-regularly dream that I’m living someone else’s life, in a new town, with new friends. It’s all gone by the time I lift my head and I mourn them for a while. Dreamer is my ode to those places and people.

Who are your biggest influences?

Musically, I’m inspired by Weezer, Guided By Voices, Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo, bands like that. I think what ties them together is at times, bubblegum melody, within a gritty soundscape.

Describe your sound in five words:

Bubblegum / Slacker / Noisy / Lo-fi / Gritty

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

ABBA, I’m not sure they’d appreciate my input but this is my made up scenario.

How have you kept yourself entertained during lockdown?

My day job has been unaffected, so I’ve still had interaction with the public to keep me sane. That and having a little more time to write and record. I’m lucky to do it all myself, at home, so lockdown just allowed me a little more time to work on my music.

What’s the music scene like in Newcastle at the moment? Any new artists you can recommend?

The scene is always strong here, whereas the attention may ebb and flow. Right now, I’d have to mention Hector Gannet, Lovely Assistant and BigFatBig. If I can claim Tees, I’d like to add Benefits and Mt. Misery.

What are your plans for 2021?

We’re hoping to finally get gigging, with dates in the diary for shows with Hector Gannet and Jango Flash, to be announced soon. A couple more singles are to come, too.

Where can we find you online?





Any last words?

Thanks for having me, I really appreciate the support x