Wigan-Based Band FLECHETTES Share Rousing Indie Anthem CHASING YOUTH

It’s an Upbeat Indie Anthem Celebrating Youthful Exuberance
17 November 2020

It’s an Upbeat Indie Anthem Celebrating Youthful Exuberance 


Carrying the torch of raucous, Northern UK indie, Wigan’s finest Flechettes return with the anthemic new single Chasing Youth. Built on blazing guitar riffs and catchy vocals, it’s a pristine piece of vintage, British Indie with plenty of energy. 

Forming in 2019 in the working class town of Wigan, Greater Manchester – The Northern four-piece soon began performing across grass-roots venues in the North. Comprised of Jack, Johnny, Nicky and Will, each member contributes to the writing process, causing a variety in their sound that few bands can boast. Discussing their new single, the band’s frontman Jack explains:

 “This song was inspired by a situation which pushed me to choose between feeling sorry for myself, or having a laugh while I could. It’s a song about realising that while things seemed difficult, I was lucky to have the friends I have, even though lyrically it doesn’t present itself this way. I think the opening line ‘ever noticed how fast time goes when you’re in love with life’ sums it up perfectly. It’s about confronting, none of us are here forever and to enjoy every moment whilst you still can, especially whilst we’re still somewhat young, which I reiterated in the chorus with the lines ‘we’ve not got long, so get a move on’. In summary, it’s designed to pick people up and get them singing along, and hopefully, with some luck that’s what they’ll want to do.”