Why Your Office Needs A Games Room

Did you know that office games rooms and social areas are all the rage these days?
14 January 2021


Did you know that office games rooms and social areas are all the rage these days? 

Forward-thinking, fun-loving companies like Google and Air BnB are investing in social spaces for their employees and seeing a boost in productivity, creativity, and all-around general health and happiness when it comes to keeping employees at work and on task.

Why Social Spaces Are Important?

In recent years, conversations around wellness and mental health have really taken off, as companies are realizing that micromanaging and controlling an employee’s every move and every thought doesn’t actually work.

In today’s world, the world of work has changed, and for many offices, keeping hold of both young and old bright talent is becoming more difficult, which means that a huge proportion of the world’s top companies are investing in employee happiness at work, and sometimes that comes in the form of social areas and games rooms for employees.

Gaming Builds Rapport

For as long as humans have been around, playing games together for fun has been a great way to build rapport and skills. 

While competitions of strength may not be appropriate for the office, simple games like table football or arcade machines can really help to build rapport between teams.

Inter-office championships and leagues can help to boost the fun and keep the brightest minds entertained while helping to form strong bonds and trust.

Gaming Improves Stress

Stress is a major issue in today’s world, and the recent events of 2020 have not helped to alleviate that at all. 

There are many things you can do to help your employees de-stress, such as encouraging them to take their holidays, giving them perks such as gym membership and free fruit, and also allowing time in the day for breakouts and chill outs when things get on top of them. 

Stress-free employees are happier employees.

Games Entice Fun-Loving Employees

One of the biggest questions for companies of all sizes is ‘how do we entice and keep the brightest minds’?

Bright minds are usually minds that enjoy fun and thrive on creativity and teamwork, so it can be hard to acquire these if your business is just not that exciting, but adding office perks like a few games and teamwork sessions focused on fun can be a great way to show that you’re not all work and no play.

Games Boost Creativity

Even the most creative minds can’t be expected to come up with the next latest and greatest creative endeavor if they are stuck behind a grey desk day-in-day-out. They need a creative outlet.

This can look different in all kinds of offices, as it might take the worm of comfy seating, decent food options, and even things like games to get the mind running again.

Happy Employees Are Healthier Employees

It’s well known that employees that are stressed and unhealthy will take more sick days and are more likely to suffer from depression. While you can’t help every aspect of their lives, improving their working environment can go a long way to improving their day and keeping them happier and healthier.