Why Your Fashion Site Needs Organic Link Building

How can you show everyone your fashion content if you rank at a low position? Granted that you have amazing content and you want to show that to your intended audience, you must also have a good enough PageRank and Domain Authority to do this.

So how can you establish your fashion site to rank on your articles? With link building, of course. Think of link building like how you would with social media. The more people that know you and the more likes you receive are the basis for your popularity. It means that what you say would be heard by more people and would create an aura of respect around your persona.

This is basically what link building is: if more links point back to your website, your authority in search engines would increase. This is what marketers mean when they say a page has a “high Domain Authority and Page Rank.” When these numbers are high, this makes it very likely for Google to point more readers to your website, therefore increasing organic traffic

Advantages of Link Building

The consensus is that the higher your PageRank and Domain Authority, the more organic traffic (unpaid search results) that Google throws your way. It means that if more backlinks from bloggers and fashion sites pointed towards your website, the more likely you would rank in the top spots among fashion websites. This, in turn, would create traffic for your website, allowing your content to reach your market. Having better domain metrics than your competitors would give you a higher chance at ranking for a keyword.

It is also important to note that engaging your website in blogging would increase backlinks to your site by 97%. So if your website doesn’t have a blog yet, try integrating one with your site. Come up with content that talks about other relatable things, but would still involve your products if you have any.

Researching your Competitors

Find out what your competitors are doing and why they have the top ranking. Try to apply the same things to your strategy and see which would work. Observing your competitors success is an excellent way of building your own. By knowing how your competition works, you can improve your strategies based on ones that are already known to work.

Researching your competitors is an integral part of link building because you’ll know what to avoid and what to employ in your strategic efforts. Check for their backlinks and see which ones you can get for your fashion site. Compare your content with theirs and observe what makes their content good enough for the top spot.

For example, I searched fashion trends and observed my competitors. I saw 10 websites that will possibly rank above me in terms of Domain metrics. What I can do is to research their website and see what I can do to be better than them, see who are giving them their backlinks and whatnot. 

You can use an SEO tool to find out which fashion sites are ranked at the top, observe how they write their articles, see why their content is better than yours. Do they present better clothes than you? Are they more articulate with their pieces? Do their pieces inspire me or can I do better than them? Asking yourself these questions and pinpointing what you can do to improve will be the basis for your website’s success.

Follow the latest fashion trends and see which ones are on the rise. Try staying ahead of your competition and create opportunities for yourself by finding better keywords for your target audience based on your Domain metrics (PageRank and Domain Authority.)

Finding Bloggers in your Niche

Reach out to fashion bloggers. In this case, the obvious choice would be fashion bloggers because your intended audience subscribes to them. Find fashion bloggers with the highest domain metrics and work from there. Take into account the fact that your site can be boosted up to 245% through social media.

You can use tools such as Followerwonk to help you find the right bloggers. Moz has a definitive guide on how you can find the right bloggers for your site. But our focus here is to accurately find fashion bloggers for you and reach out to them for links to your content, given that your content is relevant. Ask them to link to your content, see if they can utilize your content and ask for links in return.

If you own a clothing line, you could also send an item relevant to each blogger and ask for a review of the product linking back to your website.

Look for lists of bloggers to follow, start from there and do your research. Read their fashion blogs and try looking for a good approach with how you can mold your content to their liking. Getting backlinks from bloggers with a high amount of followers will increase your traffic tremendously since your content should also be relevant to their subscribers.

Although, before reaching out to bloggers, you have to ensure that your content is up to par with their standards. Your content is the driving force for any proper link building; it is the asset that you are using to get your links. Naturally, these bloggers may decline your propositions. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t create rapport with them and collaborate in the future. 

This is the part where link building services come in. In Organic Link Builders’ case, they would advise you to focus on your content, while finding bloggers for you that would love to link to your content. Acquiring these services would allow you to focus on your work rather than taking up too much time and finding out if these fashion bloggers would like to share your work.

Finding the right fashion bloggers to link to your content would bring you closer to your market and would incur a higher revenue for your business, it would also promote your product and your content.

Guest Posting for Fashion Blogs and Websites

Guest posting is integral because it enhances your reach to your audience. After accumulating a list of bloggers and websites in your niche, writing guest posts for them would be an excellent way to gain backlinks. Look for fashion blogs and websites that publish guest posts and start from there. This would naturally mean that the keywords you’re using are in the same field with the content of the website you’re writing for.

Guest posting widens your popularity and introduces you to the blogger’s subscribers. Since the blogger is in the same niche as yours, this implies that their subscribers may also be interested in your work.

57% of online marketers have gained their customers through blogging. Considering that you’ve yet to gain links from bloggers or links from guest posting, letting your company gain popularity through blog links would increase your traffic exponentially.

Guest posting is considered by many to be the most critical process in marketing your company. However, guest posting isn’t easy, but it is essential if you want to maximize the potential of your site.


Any website would benefit from link building. It is a means of increasing traffic, but is not limited to that. It would give your customers awareness about your website, it would garner organic traffic, and it would build rapport between you and your contemporaries.

Having great fashion content would be a waste if you don’t reach your intended audience. It would hinder your capacity to improve your site.

Building organic traffic for your site is essential, but what’s more important will always be your content. Your content will always be your best asset, and it will always speak for itself. But it works hand-in-hand with finding ways to market your content, gaining traction in terms of building your backlinks, and creating a better connection between you and your audience.