Why You Should Consider £1 Acca Bets

£1 acca bets; they often have an enormous potential pay-out, but no-one ever actually wins them, right? Well, the truth is that there have been plenty of examples of gamblers winning substantial amounts from a simple £1 accumulator. Especially if you’re one for requesting bets on SkyBet, as they can pay out more than just a simple accumulator.

Yes, sometimes small bets are written off by gamblers. They can look tempting, but the chances of them actually coming off seem pretty low. But that doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid them, you could be missing out on the chance to have a huge for a tiny bet. 

Examples of Big Wins from £1 Acca Bets

A great example of this was a recent win by a punter who placed a bet on the EFL Trophy. The Liverpudlian placed £1 on a four game accumulator bet: Oxford United vs MK Dons, Gillingham vs Reading U21, Port Vale vs Crewe, and Morecambe vs Leicester U21. He didn’t bet on specific winners – instead he bet that all of the teams would score in both halves.

Things got tense near the end, as all of the teams had scored in both halves except for Morecambe. But as the game moved into injury time, Morecambe player Elliot Osborne scored to bring that level at 2-2. This netted the punter an incredible £37,339 all from a £1 bet. 

And this is far from the only time that gamblers have won big when they have decided to take a punt on an acca

Another example saw an incredible turnaround for a housewife who had become tired of her husband and son watching football throughout the weekend. She placed a £1 on 12 games – choosing almost at random. 

All of the results came off, and she won the truly unbelievable sum of £574,278.41. She bet entirely on victories, with no draws on her acca. And many of her choices were actually outsiders in their matches – showing sometimes it doesn’t pay to follow the expectations. 

And a final amazing story saw one of the luckiest gamblers imaginable. The 33-year-old from Cambridgeshire won £170,000 from a £1 acca bet – just days after making his first ever bet. The punter later admitted that he had no-one that he had won big until he logged into his online account to check how his bets had faired.

£1 Acca Bets are More Successful than You Might Think

Not only is it possible, then, to win big from a £1 bet – it can happen at any time. As we have seen from these stories, winners aren’t always long-term gamblers with a specific game plan. Sometimes they are just those people who give it a try and end up winning big.So, if you have given up the idea of success with a £1 acca, or it is something that you’ve never even considered before. Now could be the perfect time. Bookies are happy to offer big odds on accas, so why not give it a try? It could be your most successful bet to date.