Why Name Brand Ink Cartridges Are So Expensive

By Vanessa B

Have you ever noticed that name-brand ink cartridges are seriously expensive? Many of us buy a new printer that seems great value only to find out too late that the ink cartridges are very expensive. If you want to know why they are so expensive and what you can do to get cheaper ink then read on to find out.

Some Printer Manufacturers Sell Their Printers for Less Than They Are Worth

If you’ve ever wondered how the likes of Canon or Epson manage to make printers for so little then the simple answer is that they don’t! Printer manufacturers spend more on each printer they make then they sell it for and make up the deficit through the ongoing ink purchases you make.

This is standard practice in the industry and works so well because ink companies then make you believe that only their ink can be used with the printer so that you are tied into paying more than you need to each time you need a top up.

They Add Other Costs Into Their Ink

In addition to charging more to recoup their printer costs, name brands also adds other expenses into their cartridge prices. One of the most common additions is the cost of advertising. Big name brands spend a lot of money advertising to convince consumers that their ink is the only one to choose.

The cost of these international ad campaigns is significant and by adding the price onto ink sales, the company ends up charging you for their marketing work. Other costs included in ink prices can be staffing and other corporate expenses.

Printer Manufacturers Want to Maximise Their Profits

One way a company can measure their success is by obtaining the biggest profit margins. Each brand is in competition with many other printer brands and so if they are able to make the most profit, they look more successful and in turn, more trustworthy.

An easy way for them to maximise their profit is to mark up their printer ink prices because consumers will always need ink and will put up with paying more than they should to get it.

How to Avoid Buying Expensive Ink

If you don’t want to spend more than you need to then why not consider a different type of ink instead? Replacement ink used to have a bad reputation but with the rise of specialist ink companies, it has now become a reputable way of getting the ink you need.

If you do decide to try replacement ink then make sure you shop around to find the best possible supplier. Remember that you need a company that offers a genuine returns policy and has good, genuine reviews and customer care.

Try Compatible Replacement Ink Today!

It’s clear that getting replacement ink is a great way to enjoy your Canon printer without paying more than you should. So if you need a CLI-581 compatible ink (or similar), then head over to a company like Smart Ink today and get your order in – you won’t regret it.