Why Many Schools Are Using Temporary Building Structures For Classrooms

By Vanessa B

Temporary school buildings have grown more popular over the past few years. This is because of their many benefits such as ease of construction and cost-saving advantages among others. They perfectly serve the growing demand for space in schools. The temporary classrooms, for instance, can be set up to meet the need for extra space when there is increased student enrollment or during an emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires social distance in schools.

They all come in different sizes depending on their purposes. Some may act as temporary halls, classrooms, offices, and also laboratories for students. This article will introduce you to the basics you should know about temporary school buildings. 

What Are Temporary School Buildings?

They are types of temporary and portable structures used by schools for needs like classrooms, dormitories, offices, halls, etc. They can be made of steel frames, PVC, or wood panel walls and roofs, or any other light and durable material. They are also known as relocatable or demountable buildings.

Many educational institutions use these temporary school buildings to provide extra space in case any is needed or when a major refurbishment is taking place in the permanent buildings. They are constructed in such a way that they can be relocated after they have served their purpose.

How to Make or Hire Temporary School Buildings

There are essential things that you must consider when they are choosing the kind of temporary school buildings to construct or hire. How will they be made? What will they be made of? Is the cost affordable? Is the size suitable to cater to their needs, or do they require adjustments?

Some temporary structures are made of steel. Many of them are usually insulated to make sure that all students and teachers are comfortable. The temporary school buildings should be warm inside if the weather is cold and cool if the weather is hot. They come in all sorts of sizes big or small. 

The choice to hire or buy depends on the duration they will be used and the budget allocated to the project by the school administration. It is more economical to hire from a reliable service provider. If you want to find one, Smart-Space can provide the best at affordable prices. They can also construct temporary classrooms or any other related structures for the school affordably. Due to the advanced technology, temporary school buildings can be made solidly and durably, improving their lifespan.

Uses and Benefits of Temporary School Buildings

Many advantages are realized when a school decides to use temporary classrooms and other structures. 

  • Save money – Compared to permanent structures, temporary school buildings are less costly because they do not require a lot of materials to construct. The construction is also done off-site so that the labor cost will be reduced.
  • Save time – Temporary school buildings save a lot of time because the construction process is much easier than that of permanent buildings.
  • Can serve many purposes – Temporary school buildings can be made to be used as halls, temporary classrooms, offices, and more.
  • Provide space – Temporary structures for schools can be set up to provide extra space if any is required.
  • Portable – This means they can be relocated to any place the school wants to serve any other purpose they require.


If you want to set up temporary school buildings for your institution, you can look for the most reputable companies that provide construction and sales of temporary structures. Renting one is also an excellent option. You now know everything about them necessary to make the decision to experience the benefits for your institution.