Why and How To Open Your Own Vape Shop


Vape shops have appeared to be popping up left, right, and centre all over the UK over the past few years. And if we are honest, it is not a massive secret why. Plenty of us are fully aware of the dangers of smoking and all the health complications it can bring, and on top of that, vaping has also been a cultural injection into the lives of British people. While those who smoked definitely had the glamourous identities defined by the 50s, the new wave of vaping offers its own aesthetic, which is enticing smokers (and non-smokers alike) all over the country to be a part of something similar – but different.

If you are curious about why you should open your own vape shop and how to do it, this piece will go over some of the basics which can help you on your way. 

Why Open a Vape Shop?

While starting your own business and opening any shop is no easy feat, some businesses are definitely worth investing in more than others. At the moment, the vaping market is still very much booming, and the number of smokers that would like to quit still continues to rise. For this very reason, you are providing a service that can help others help themselves, which is something pretty special in itself. From a business point of view, the popularity of vape shops only continues to grow, and the prediction of popularity for the future of vape shops shows no signs of slowing down. This is why investing in your own vape business and opening a vape shop now is not just a viable option but a somewhat secure one too. 

Online or In Store?

The first thing you will want to decide about your vape business is whether it is going to be an online setup or whether you are going to set up shop. Whatever you choose, it is worth bearing in mind that customers often prefer both as an option. Many shoppers love to physically go into stores and see the products they are paying for, possibly even more so after lockdown, but there will be a good chunk of your customer base who will want to option to purchase from you online too. 

If you can arrange it so you can offer both, then there is no need to pick! However, if you have to go with one or the other, it’s best to work out each choice’s pros, cons, and profit margins. 

Choose the Right Location 

If you do opt for an in-person store, then finding the right location can be crucial to the success of the business. Depending on your objectives, you might want to find a place where there is a significant amount of pedestrian traffic, or at least somewhere that is easy to get to. Another thing to consider for when you are choosing a location is where your competitors are positioned. Not only should the types of stores surrounding yours be compatible with your business, but you will also want to make sure you are not setting up in an already saturated area. Luckily, the demographic for vaping is significantly large, from those who are into creating smoke tricks to the ex-smokers who need to top up their vape, so the location of a vape shop might be less sensitive than for other businesses.  

Quality Products

Quality products are one of the most important aspects of opening any store. It is one of the main reasons your customers keep coming back and are the backbone of your business. To be sure you are getting quality products that don’t result in undue risk to your customers’ health, make sure your suppliers are certified and have good reviews. Communication and reliability are also extremely important as you will want a consistent source of products and a quick turnaround if an issue presents itself. 

With a product such as vape juice, knowing what ingredients and components make up the product is vital as consumers will be ingesting it. You will want to know for certain that you can assure your customers you have the highest and safest quality of vape juice you can purchase, and once you have found a reputable company that sells wholesale e-liquids in the UK, you are well on your way to creating your dream vape shop. 

Opening a business is always a risk, but it can also be extremely exciting and rewarding! Just be sure to do all of your research to make the best choices for you and your store.