Who Says You Can’t Sweat in Style? Here are the Current Fitness Outfit Trends!

Fashion trends have been the mainstay of clothing lines and designers as this is what sustains them. With every change in fashion comes a chance for designers to release a new product line and make a new sale.
24 September 2020

By Moni Bell

Fashion trends have been the mainstay of clothing lines and designers as this is what sustains them. With every change in fashion comes a chance for designers to release a new product line and make a new sale. Changing weather patterns and different seasons also comes with changing fashion trends. The beauty of a good fitness outfit is that it is appropriate all year-round, and not dependent in Summer, Autumn, Spring, or Winter seasons. Gone are the days when fitness fashion remained limited to the running track, gym, or yoga sessions. Fitness wear can easily be accessorized to suit any occasion, apart from an official business meeting, of course, or not.

What to Wear During Workout

During a workout, your comfort is a priority. It would be best if you had an outfit that lets you breathe easy and, at the same time, holds things together. Some specific fabrics are ideal for this. What to wear during a workout is also determined by your plans thereafter; going straight home or grabbing a coffee and catching up with a friend. While you may not always have a spare outfit in your gym bag to change into after your exercise regime, your fitness gear needs to be trendy enough to adorn in public without making you uncomfortable.

Who Says You Can’t Sweat in Style? Here are the Current Fitness Trends!

• Biker Shorts — Ideal for both male and female, biker shorts make comfortable fitness wear. Worn when riding a bicycle or going for a run, they can also be combined with a loose t-shirt or crop top to make streetwear.

• High-neck Sports Bra — This can be accessorized with a tank top, worn on top, and cropped sweatpants or leggings. Sports bra are the new fashion that has replaced the normal bra and is also ideal for those with larger bra sizes

• Leggings — Times have changed, and more men are embracing leggings, a fashion that was previously exclusively for women. Brands have improved, and seamless leggings are the new fashion. Not only are they more comfortable, but the production is also less wasteful as there’s no fabric being cut off. Adding a new twist to your outfit, animal print lets you show off your uniqueness. Other variations include, but are not limited to, the smoke print and tie-&-dye.

• Hoodies — Hoodies come in handy when you are going for a casual meeting or gathering after your workout, and you want to avoid appearing in skin-tight clothing. Worn loosely and sometimes off the shoulder, it gives a confident, casual look.

• Runners | Sneakers — These are available in various designs. Some are not for running or exercising only; they make a great combination with shorts, leggings, or sweat pants. Here, it is more about the brand name you are wearing that makes a fitness fashion statement.

• Long Sleeve T-shirt — A trendy style adorned by both sexes and looks good whether in the gym or yoga room and in the streets. It doesn’t need a cover-up and can be worn on its own with whatever bottom accompaniment you select.

• Crop Tops — Can be worn in a combination of ways: either over a sports bra or a loose-fitting t-shirt. They are various variations of the crop top. This could be in a jumper or hoodie form, or a vest or t-shirt design.

• Knock Out Shorts — Similar to biker shorts. The definitive characteristic here is the neon strip or print added on. The luminous color exudes confidence, stating you are not afraid to stand out.

• Cycling Shorts — Not limited to being a cyclist, anyone can rock this look. They are breathable and comfy and leave you feeling free.

• Bodysuits — A new style that allows one self-expression and has seen a rebirth from way back in the ‘80s. Celebrities rock this style as it exudes being comfortable in one’s skin.

• Logos — Logos make a statement about how classy you are based on what logos you wear. It also makes a great advertising channel for the designer as the logo stands out and remains in your audience’s head, increasing sales by mental association.

• Matching Sets — This is a good way to express your personality with an emphasis on how organized, and orderly you are. It removes the disassociated look of mixing items and makes a bold fashion statement on its own.

• High-Waisted Leggings – Not only are they comfortable but they also have a way of hiding that waistline that may not be as trim as you would like.

• Denim Jacket – A new trend has been realised and it makes a quick throw after the gym. It sits well when worn over a sports bra; no need to add a t-shirt.

Sweaty versus Glam

You may think that since you are going to get sweaty, there’s no need to look all glam. Well, you’d be surprised about the psychological effect of your attire. You want to start your workout with loads of enthusiasm to give you the drive you require to get the intended results. You want to walk out of your exercise session feeling like you’re on top of the world; more like, you own the world! The key to sexy, stylish, fitness attire trends is that they are comfortable and breathable, yet still attractive enough to wear in public. Bright colors have found a footing in this industry too, making a bold statement. For men, whilst comfort overrides the sexy look, they still achieve this attractive demeanour with the current latest trends.

Shopping Online for Current Fitness Outfits

With the Covid pandemic still ongoing, safety measures and precautions must be adhered to. These new restrictions have made window-shopping and moving around difficult, and not as possible as a few months back. But who said working out in trendy fitness outfits has stopped? Online shopping allows you to stay safe and still grab the best that fashion has to offer. It is more manageable comparing prices and trends when shopping for fitness outfits online by a simple click of a button. If you’re diligent, you will be able to get free online coupons from manufactures on your online purchase.


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