Photo by Curly and Straight

‘Where Will It Take Us’, featuring MRYN, encapsulates Heijmat’s unique, emotive dance music style

The collaboration with MRYN was serendipitous, her voice fitting seamlessly into the envisioned melody and lyrics
26th January 2024

Dutch alternative-electronic artist Heijmat, the creation of renowned mixing engineer and producer Huub Reijnders, is making waves with the new single Where Will It Take Us feat. MRYN​, out now. This track is a highlight from his forthcoming EP Lost & Found, set to debut on February 16th.

Heijmat, known for his work with artists like Jack Parow, Kraak & Smaak, MEAU, and Merol, has garnered a solid reputation in the music industry. His own musical journey has been equally impressive, characterized by rich, analogue synth-driven soundscapes and captivating beats.

Where Will It Take Us showcases Heijmat’s signature style: a potent mix of rhythmic beats and a lush electronic backdrop, enriched by the hauntingly beautiful vocals of guest artist MRYN. The track stands out with its melancholic yet vibrant energy, reflecting Heijmat’s skill in crafting deeply emotive and danceable music.

The collaboration with MRYN was serendipitous, her voice fitting seamlessly into the envisioned melody and lyrics. The production journey led to the distinctive melancholic yet energetic ambiance of the track.

Speaking about the single, Huub Reijnders shares: “‘Where Will It Take Us’, we started with the desire to make a melancholic dance track. After hearing MRYN’s voice coming from one of the other rooms in my studio- complex, I decided to ask her to take on vocal duties. Her first draft was a perfect fit melodically, we worked on the lyrics and the rest of the melody together. After a few changes in productional direction, I landed in this melancholic yet energetic sonic landscape that is ‘Where Will It Take Us.’”

Discussing the EP, Heijmat reveals that Lost & Found marks a return to his passion for creating personal music. The title track, produced in an afternoon, delves into slower, more atmospheric sounds, embodying a simple yet intense narrative:

“Lost & Found is about reconnecting with the love of making music myself; I’ve been producing other artists for 20 years now, but the desire to make the music that is 100% my own has come back, and in full swing. The title track came out in just one afternoon, after lingering in my thoughts for weeks. I felt I hadn’t touched on the slower, more soundcapy side of things enough, and just tried to keep It simple but with a clear storyline and an intense atmosphere.

Art direction by Fanny Morriën

Heijmat’s journey in electronic music began in summer 2022, quickly gaining traction with his debut track Reverberate. This early success led to a release with Tour De Traum in December 2022 and a subsequent deal with Pias/Integral in early 2023.

His music has rapidly found a global audience, earning spots on influential playlists like Electronic Rising and New Music Friday. Heijmat’s unique blend of ambient, techno, and downtempo elements, combined with his evolving sound, attracts a dedicated fanbase.

Inspired by a wide array of musical influences, Heijmat’s work ​o​ffers introspective themes and immersive sonic experiences. As he continues to evolve, Heijmat’s innovative approach to music keeps captivating listeners worldwide.