CHRISTMAS party season is fast approaching and while many of us have got the little black number and the fabulous killer heels on standby, the elusive smokey eye look is something we can’t pull off. Well fear not ladies, help is at hand.
I caught up with professional make-up artist Julie Davidson to get her advice on how to achieve that great smokey look this season. And Julie, who had just got back from London Fashion Week, needed a willing volunteer so of course in the name of fashion and beauty I stepped up.
Here is Julie’s step by step guide to getting the sexy, sultry smokey look.
OK girls, there are two ways of doing smokey eyes – if you can’t be bothered with the fallout of dark eyeshadow dropping onto your cheeks then cheat and do eyes first then you can quickly cleanse your skin and apply foundation etc when you’ve got the perfect smokey eye.

It takes a little longer to do your make-up this way but it means you don’t need to worry about ruining your beautiful flawless foundation. Quite often we will use that technique in fashion make-up where the look is really smokey. The other way is to apply foundation, blusher, powder as normal but to use extra loose powder under the eye to catch the fallout then you can brush it away with a large powder brush.
OK so here is my easy peasy step by step guide to dramatic nightime eyes.

1. Apply foundation and powder to eyelids and under eye area. This will give your eyeshadow something to stick to and will help it to stay on.
2. Take a pale coloured eyeshadow such as an off-white or creamy shade and apply all over eyelid.
3. Take a dark colour such as purple (but not black at this stage) and apply to eyelid and up as far as socket, blend with a blending brush so you don’t get hard edges. Don’t forget to run eyeshadow under eye as well. The effect should be a nice halo around your eye.
4. Take a darker colour – black or really dark grey and follow the same halo shape but don’t go just as high as before so that you can still see a little of the purple smoke. Run the darker colour under the eye also. Blend the purple and black together in the socket area with a fluffy blending brush.
5. Apply black kohl pencil into lower inner rim. Curl eyelashes, apply mascara and false lashes.
6. Don’t forget about eyebrows as your eyes are going to be your key feature. Groom them regularly and if they’re a little sparse or short fill them in.
7. For a little bit of bling add a little line of glitter to your upper lashline. Or if you prefer, skip the bling and stick with classic smokey.

Products used: Hard Candy Eyeshadow Palette – under £5 from All Wellan Good at Junction 1. Black Kohl pencil, eyelash curlers and mascara by Nyx from All Wellan Good at Junction 1. Glitter Eyeliner from Urban Decay & Brow Zings Brow Kit by Benefit.

Julie Davidson – Professional Make-Up Artist available for formals, weddings,& fashion events.

  • By Andrea Clarke
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