2pacThe Great 2Pac

The development of RnB music began around the time of 1940. It developed from a jazz style of playing and introduced heavier drums and rhythms. The sound was created mainly by African Americans and quickly broke out of the urban underground into the mainstream.

The development of Rap and Hip-Hop music began in the early 1970s and can be traced back to several unique art forms that quickly began to develop in and around the city of New York.

The creation of Graffiti art, DJ culture and sampling blended with vocal techniques of rapping and break-dancing moves, to create a movement known as Hip-Hop culture.

All of these art forms signified a way for young people to break free from their mundane lives and be known in some form on an underground movement. Breakdance1How have these music genres inspired modern culture?

These styles of music are essentially about bringing people from different cultures together. People from different races and backgrounds can all become one and enjoy music, art and dance together in one place, such as at a club or concert. 8-mileEminem in 8 Mile

This form of entertainment has developed the modern world into a more diverse place. These forms of music also inspired people to be creative with a D-IY sensibility. Movements such as the Hip-Hop genre showed that new forms of expression could be created from nothing by anyone who had a passion.

Who is now very famous from these music genres?

Jay-z is a Rap artist and is also a good representation of the D-I-Y aesthetic of Hip-Hop music. He was born in a poverty stricken part of Brooklyn, New York and had to deal with drugs and gun crime from an early age.jay z2However, he followed his passion for rapping and slowly developed an empire that is now worth almost 500 million dollars. He did this by setting up his own music label, creating videos, concerts and other forms of entertainment.

Michael Jackson is considered to be one of the greatest musical performers of all time.Michael Jackson's STAPLES Center on JuneHis form of music has developed a style that took its roots from RnB and soul music. He began in a band with his brothers at a very early age.

This band took RnB elements and blended them with pop and rock style sounds to create songs that would be more popular to the general public.

Michael Jackson then developed this into a unique pop style of music and brought with it an intense style and image that would inspire the world. His unique dance moves, videos and tracks made him stand out among the crowd.