schrammek2When taking a look at this year’s trends, one would probably recognise 2013 for being extreme.

Influential styles pretty much contrast with each other. Keeping low-key and connecting with natural looks and earthy colours is a favourite. The other strong style is extremely flashy and eccentric.

Both approaches will find many fans that will be able to identify with one or the other and may even find people experimenting with elements that they never thought they would do in their past styles29794_10151278480805535_1574654966_nDown to Earth
Now this style does not require much.So if you’re into low maintenance then this make-up style is for you.

It could be considered the ‘bed-head hair look’ but for the face. Essentially, not a lot of work is needed and keeping things simple is key.

A tip to looking like a natural beauty is to hold back with what products you use.

What is used should be chosen wisely and only with the best ingredients so it blends well to your skin and doesn’t come across like a mask.bb_fluid_essential_care_01Use bb creams instead of thicker foundation.

Because blemish balms should only cover reddish spots on a face instead of giving the face an overall coat of paint, this would be the right choice for those who don’t want to look overdressed and during a night out.

An example of good bb creams can be found < when clicking here.

Not much more needs to be used to finish a natural look. Maybe some mascara and a little bit of blusher or lippy to give add some colour and finish a perfect summer look!

Eye-Catching through Spring and Summer
For those who were a bit more extravagantly dressed during winter and did all they could to stand out from the black and grey crowd: there is no need to change. Blemish balms are always good to have as a base but only as foundation for some more harder make-up over it.

This year’s style is about experimenting and risking something. Blue mascara celebrates a comeback and complements perfectly with some light green eye-shadow and fake eyelashes – especially when going out.