What To Do If Your Credit Card Has Been Compromised

Credit cards come in handy when you have to make quick purchases. They are reliable. They also reduce the stress of carrying liquid cash around with you. However, the other side of these cards is that someone else could use the card without your knowledge.

There are so many cases around the globe on this. Criminals steal the information on the cards and use it for their benefit. Then these charges go directly to your account. 

Many people never know what they should if such a thing happens to them.

Do not fret anymore. In this article, we will provide a general overview of the best things you can do if you notice any unusual transactions on your credit card.

Start by reporting this to your issuer

Okay, letting a law enforcement officer know about this case is okay. Nonetheless, police officers can slow the process of stopping this act. The best person to contact is your credit card issuer.

He or she will first freeze that account to avoid any further transactions. Additionally, it will be beneficial to you. You do not have to pay for the liabilities if you report this case soon enough. The sooner, the better.

Your issuer will also give you a new card that will have another number. This will stop the criminal in their tracks.

Update all your details

Since you will have a new number, the next step is to change details to your account. Log into it and ensure that everything is correct and updated.

For instance, your phone number should be correct so that the issuer can reach you easily. Additionally, your address should be accurate.

Monitor all activities in your account

According to Simon Sule, the Managing Director and Founder of Credit Card Compare NZ, credit card fraud can happen to anyone, even if you are exceptionally careful. This is because often fraudsters get hold of your details by hacking websites in which you have used your card, and this can happen to even big and trusted websites, so it is advisable to regularly check your credit card statement for any inconsistencies.

You need to do this often. Remember, criminals have a variety of ways of getting your information nowadays.

What you can do to keep your account in check

–         Change your password immediately

–         Include a notification setting so that alerts come straight to your phone. You will be able to know if someone uses your account without your knowledge immediately

–         You can use tracking apps designated for this work

–         Hire a credit monitoring service

Follow up consistently until your issuer solves this matter completely

Human beings can make mistakes. They can also forget. Because this can be a serious issue, try and follow up on this issue until everything is back to normal.

If it is a case of identity theft, then you will have to be very vigilant; otherwise, the criminal will continue to use your card. 

On that note, contact law enforcement officers if a case of identity theft takes place.


Do not fear if you notice any inconsistencies on your credit card. The bank understands that it can happen. On your side, ensure that you keep your card safe. Do not carry it if you do not need it. You should also avoid making purchases from untrustworthy websites.