Productive Employees Want These Three Things

By Vee D

When it comes to managing people, there are so many methods you could take, techniques you could utilize, principles you could espouse. They will all have varying results. Why? Because people are people, and they rarely fit into perfect formulas. Even behavioural and social psychologist are amazed at the range of behaviours displayed by even the most predictable people and groups. For this reason, managing productive staff can sometimes seem like alchemy more than a direct science.

However, some principles do remain and can be practised in macro. For instance, if you hope to lead people, you need to know what they want, and what their skills are. But what do the best and productive staff want? How can you tailor your leadership strategy, and working experience at your firm, to better satiate the productive and intelligent staff member? These are questions that truly do allow for a worthwhile outcome, something that will doubt reflect on your ability to understand people, and more importantly, the people that work for you.

Let us consider:

Further Training & Development

Further training and development is a standard that staff expect, because they know they can get it elsewhere if you fail to provide it. Sure, they know that you will no doubt train them as they work at their job, and that the job will serve as a means of helping them train their skills anyway, but if you don’t invest in them, and give them avenues of ascent, and allow them to take on further opportunities as they grow with regular performance reviews – well, they might feel inclined to go somewhere that can provide this.

To Do Their Jobs

Staff want to do their jobs. They want to be given the tools to do their jobs. This might mean outfitting their workstation and or workshop with parts, such as the MAN truck & bus genuine parts needed to outfit clients to standard. It means giving them secure working terminals, the means to properly engage with clients, management structures to help them secure their workflow, and a peaceful place to exercise their best intent. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a staff member is to ‘let them get on with it.’

To Be Noticed

Staff also wish to be noticed. They want to be praised when they go over and above. They want their overtime to mean something to you, never taken for granted. They also want to see their colleagues thrive, and for them to have the correct credit where it’s due. Note that this doesn’t mean fawning over them at all times. IIf you praise your staff properly, without doing so all of the time, it means so much more to them. Remember that staff rarely take their jobs for granted, so don’t take them for granted either. It makes for a much healthier relationship both ways.

With this advice, we hope you can better care for your staff and how productive they are.