West Of The SunNorth London-based quintet West Of The Sun – Luke Ward, Joe Stratton, Michael Howes, Kieran Callinan & Stevie Durkin – are back with new single ‘Siberian Hysteria’ + B-side ‘Wandering Man’, released on the 6th May via Phoney War Records.

‘Wandering Man’ is a breezy, smoothly self-produced, psychedelic rock n roll number, with a shrewd dash of baroque, spaghetti westerns and trip-hop beats. ‘Wandering Man’ and ‘Siberian Hysteria’, were recorded at the famous Hackney Road Studios by top engineer Shuta Shinoda.

Speaking about ‘Siberian Hysteria’, band’s guitarist and co-songwriter Michael Howes says: “We jammed around with this song for a while and had the verses, but it was working more as a loop rather than a ‘song’… One day I started messing around with that guitar hook and it began to manifest itself into something catchy. It led us for some bizarre reason to start hearing a ravey sort of intro with loads of synths and hi-­hats going on. Kind of intense and chaotic. So we gave it a go and I think the magic happened when we stuck the two together! It really takes a different tangent once it breaks into that Stooges­y glam rock stomp, and we’re quite proud of that. We wanted it to sound like Fatboy Slim mixing a BRMC track.”West Of The Sun2 Upcoming dates:
20th May – The Alternative Great Escape Festival, Brighton, UK
2nd July – The Borderline, London, UK

‘Siberian Hysteria’ with B-side ‘Wandering Man’ on iTunes